Quality Standard

The Squire Cars Quality Standard is a comprehensive set of inspection criteria that a vehicle must meet before we’re happy to sell it. This standard makes sure our vehicles are prepared to a best-in-class condition for their age and mileage.

As you’d expect from any used vehicle, there may be some small signs of wear and tear if you look closely. This could include very light scratches or some tyre wear, but you won’t find noticeable dents.

Here are a few of the features demanded by our Quality Standard, to make sure you’re getting the quality you expect with every Squire Cars vehicle.

What to expect from your Squire Cars vehicle

  • A minimum 3 Months warranty, first month covers everything except cosmetic and month 2/3 covers engine and gearbox
  • Minor wear in line with the age of the vehicle
  • No MOT due within six months
  • No service due within three months or 2,000 miles
  • No warning lights
  • Tyres will have a minimum of 2.5mm across the central ¾ of the tyre

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How we ensure our vehicles meet our standards

Every Squire Cars vehicle is given a thorough multi-point check. We then correct anything that needs improving to bring it up to the Squire Cars Quality Standard. Here’s what we’ll do to bring a vehicle up to scratch.


  • Stone chips bigger than 3mm are touched in
  • Light scratches under 50mm are polished and improved
  • Scratches bigger than 50mm are refurbished by our specialists
  • Dents are removed where possible or reduced to an acceptable standard
  • Windscreen chips are repaired to the MOT standard
  • Windscreens, lamps and mirrors are replaced if cracked


  • Rear-seat damage up to 30mm will be repaired but may still be visible
  • Cabin trims are replaced if broken or cracked

Wheels and tyres

  • Tyres with cuts bigger than 25mm or where cords are exposed will be replaced
  • Tyres will also be replaced if there are any bulges in the sidewall
  • Surface alloy marks bigger than 25mm on wheels will be touched in

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